Welcome to Defrocked Rabbi
Friday August 11th 2006, 11:58 am
Filed under: What Is This??

Defrocked RabbiRabbis do not really get defrocked, but some are unsuited. I’m sure you’ve known a few.

I thought I was suited quite well, thank you, but as we Jews say, “Humans plan and God laughs.”

This is my site. My pulpit. The one place on Earth I can say what I want. If you do not like it, one click and you are atta here. So if you stay, it is by your own choice.

Since I was defrocked, I’ve have very few opportunities to express all of the truths that seem so self-evident to me. Rabbis have big egos. We see things that appear self-evident, and we feel God demands we express what we see to others.

Godbless the Internet. Here I am reborn.

Are you really a defrocked rabbi?

I was ordained at a major American rabbinic seminary. (more…)