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Friday August 11th 2006, 11:58 am
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Defrocked RabbiRabbis do not really get defrocked, but some are unsuited. I’m sure you’ve known a few.

I thought I was suited quite well, thank you, but as we Jews say, “Humans plan and God laughs.”

This is my site. My pulpit. The one place on Earth I can say what I want. If you do not like it, one click and you are atta here. So if you stay, it is by your own choice.

Since I was defrocked, I’ve have very few opportunities to express all of the truths that seem so self-evident to me. Rabbis have big egos. We see things that appear self-evident, and we feel God demands we express what we see to others.

Godbless the Internet. Here I am reborn.

Are you really a defrocked rabbi?

I was ordained at a major American rabbinic seminary. After finishing a normal college degree, I spent a number of years studying to be ordained. I served as a rabbi in several positions over a number of years.

Rabbi-ing is a multidimentional job. It requires diverse talents. No one does all aspects of the rabbinate wonderfully. I did some parts of the job well; other parts made me, uhhhh, a little uncomfortable. Any rabbi who is honest will say the same.

There is no official means by which a rabbi can be “defrocked” or stripped of his or her title. Occasionally, a rabbi does something quite horrendous and gets caught; as a result, no one will hire him or her. In addition, each of the major movements in Judaism have a rabbinical organization; one can be “kicked out” for not paying dues, as well as getting caught doing something nasty.

No, I’m not really defrocked. I pay my rabbinic organization dues, and I’ve never been caught with my proverbial pants down. But for a variety of reasons, maybe for no reason, I’m no longer employed as a rabbi. Occasionally, I do guest gigs.

When I stopped being employed as a rabbi, I figured that with my experience and training and knowledge, I would never run out of opportunities to let my rabbinic self out of its proverbial bag. You know, being the guest officiant at bris’s or teacher of adult bar mitzvahs. For a while, that was indeed the case. As time went on, I got asked less and less.

So this is my pulpit. Welcome to it.

“So What’s the Whole Story?”

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So I tripped over this internet site and there’s this defucked rabbi who I think officiated at my marriage.

A question for the rabbi: Am I still married? What do I tell my wife? Maybe hypnosis will help this neurosis?

I look forward to your sage advice.

Comment by Roy Ruff 03.18.10 @ 10:53 pm

Is Defrocked Yiddish and what does it mean? and I agree with Humans planning and God Laughs.

Comment by Debby(Blank)Zukerman 06.19.16 @ 2:47 pm

Rabbi Blank was one of the most formative rabbis of my youth. He was the rabbi who taught my (delayed) confirmation, and the greatest with our youth group! As we were his first congregation, he was hardly older than we were, and related well with us! Fond memories! I so wish he had still been in Rochester to have officiated at my wedding!

Comment by Susan Wagner Payer 10.05.19 @ 11:13 am

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