So Where Has Defrocked Rabbi Been and What Happened with the Haggadah?
Thursday May 04th 2006, 2:15 pm
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It has been six months since this space has changed. Back then the energy and creativity that might have gone to keep this space fresh and worth returning to was focused onto Internet Haggadah. In case you haven’t yet read the posts below, this was a project I began several years ago: creating a Passover Haggadah that was clear, concise, direct to the point, and also elevating the spiritual intensity of the experience beyond what normal mortals had any right to expect. And it would utilize Internet delivery to make it available easily and economically.

So last winter I decided it was time to bring that project from the drawing board to the real world. So I did it. I finished writing it, put it on the web, did a bit of marketing, and then held my proverbial breath as the Passover season dawned.

It got a few reviews and notices in the Jewish and general press. The highlights were reviews in USA Today and my local Sacramento Bee.

On a spiritual level, it was a great success. Over 600 people downloaded it. Since seder size varies from one to several hundred souls, with most in the 8 to 25 person range, and I know it was used in several several-hundred person congregational sederim, I’d estimate that 10,000 people used it. Based on my admittedly limited customer sampling feedback reports, the vast majority liked or loved it.

On an economic level, it didn’t get me rich or anything, but it did provide me with a few weeks’ wages.

It was an exciting ride.

I don’t know yet if the end of this Passover season represents my return to serious blogging. Come back again. Never can tell.

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